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Everything begun right after the 1st of April -- that means on the April 2nd of 1987. This day the Designers Society of the USSR came into the world. Three representatives of the Khabarovsk Branch of VNIITE were at the Constituent Congress of it: Boris Lavrentievich Zabarskii, Guennadii Stepanovich Zhukov and Yuri Pavlovich Fedoruschenko. Therefore, they became the first members of the Designers Society of USSR from Khabarovsk. It could look too April-like, but was absolutely reasonable from the professional point of view. Even more, Boris Lavrentievich became a trustee of the just established Society.

In that way, our colleagues directly participated in establishing of this creative people society, which united the designers of our entire huge country--not too many of them (just a few thousands), but the best professionals from all 15 republics.

As times went by, the Designers Society grew, developed and in 1989 the Far Eastern Organization of Designers Society of the USSR was created. It was headed by Boris Lavrentievich Zabarskii. The Constituent Conference officially instituted the date of its establishing as November 24, 1989. Right before the conference 15 more of our compatriots were admitted into the Designers Society. I need to mention that the membership in the Designers Society was very prestigious right from the beginning and the number of those, who desired to enter the organization, significantly exceeded the quantity of those, who risked to offer his/her creative works for the judgment of highly qualified colleagues (local and in Moscow). And the amount of accepted ones was even smaller. Therefore, the 15 new members was an excellent indication of high professionalism and abundant experience of people from Khabarovsk. In such way their names has become a part of the Far Eastern Design Society history: Ekaterina Nikolaevna Sokolenko, Guennadii Nikolaevich Tekutiev, Vladimir Anatolievich Ereshko, Vladimir Vladimirovich Klushev, Valerii Mikhailovich Yukhno, Serguei Valentinovich Shestiperstov, Ramzia Khakimianovna Shestiperstova, Oleg Victorovich Kabin, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kazimirchuk, Vladimir Alexeevich Khromov, Anatolii Alexandrovich Kartashov, Vladimir Stepanovich Lukovnikov, Arkadii Yakovlevich Malkin, Tatiana Alexeevna Plugina, Dmitrii Vasilievich Vodopianov.

Besides of the serious draft on the entries, from the first days the Society was remarkable for its atmosphere of friendly understanding and support. So, Boris Lavrentievich could personally intercede for accepting Dmitrii Vasilievich Vodopianov into the members of the Society, since it was an extraordinary situation in that time, because Mr. Vodopianov just did not have a University education, but he was an excellent graphic designer in practice. It seems to me that such mutual understanding relations among the professionals is an indicator of the real creative collectives, where the value of its membership is defined at the first hand by the human relationships and its high status is determined by the level of such relationships. Anyway, the Designers Society appeared as a creative laboratory, where it was possible to exchange your practical experience and to evaluate your own works for the resistance to the criticism of your colleagues-professionals.

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graciously shared by Mr. Zabarskii
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Establishment and development of the regional design on the territory of the Russian Far East inseparably linked with the Far Eastern Branch of All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of the Technical Esthetics. During the Soviet period was obviously distinguished the structural model of regional design activity with the scientific-methodical and projecting center in Khabarovsk, Russia.

The scientific-methodical structure, created after the activity of the Far Eastern Branch of VNIITE, united the industrial scientific-researches institutes and organizations according to the themes of the regional design problem researches. The synthesis of sciences provided a deeper and more complex solution of the human factor problems in the control and programming of the production activity systems functioning. The model of construction-design projects united design organizations, bureaus and groups of the production esthetics, the design bureaus of the industries institutes, establishments and industrial enterprises of the region.

As in the scientific researches as in the project developments the connections of science and production, design creativity and engineering services of the enterprises became stronger.

This information reveals the scale of professional demand for the Far Eastern designers. It is necessary to mention that the Far Eastern Branch of VNIITE took one of the best places in the branches contests in our country.

In 1987, in the year of the Designers Society of the USSR establishing, three people from the FEB of VNIITE become its first members--the Director of Institute Boris Lavrentievich Zabarskii, the elected Chairman of Khabarovsk Krai Branch of Designers Society of the USSR, the chief designer of industrial machinery department Yuri Pavlovich Fedoruschenko and the Head of the People Consumption Goods Department Guennadii Stepanovich Zhukov. In 1989 in Khabarovsk, there are already 15 members of the Design Society of the USSR, in 1991 three more people entered. In 1997 the Khabarovsk Krai Branch of the Public Organization The Russian Designers Association was instituted. 13 designers of former Far Eastern Branch of VNIITE became its members. They possessed great experience, participated, took prizes, diplomas and medals in the international design-forums and various industries exhibitions. Almost everyone has dozens of inventors certificates for the industrial products. During the period of Perestroika, many of those people left VNIITE and continued their carriers in the industrial enterprises, created their own design studios, advertisement agencies, worked in administration and as teachers in the Universities. Today the KKB PO RDA has 22 members.

The year or 2005 was quite successful. The last project of Mr. Zabarskii about creation of a new technology and equipment for processing the industrial waists for improvement of ecology and developing the new raw material resources in February of 2005 was rewarded by the Silver Medal on The International Moscow Salon of Innovation Investments. In 2005 the Honorary Sign "For the Deserts in Development of Design" was awarded to Mr. Zabarskii.
In 2001-2005 Mr. Fedoruschenko conducted the modernization with further application to production of the portable machines sets in the frameworks of the design-program "Mosquito" and the assembling-welding equipment "Start" for the shipbuilding facilities in India and Iran. This project was honored by the Silver Medals of the VDNH USSR.

Every year the designers of the Far East conduct various projecting and creative events that are organized by the Khabarovsk city and Krai administration, creative Societies. For instance, the festival "Zodchestvo DV" annually takes place in Khabarovsk. Our designers actively participate in it and win the prizes. So, "Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral Temple in Khabarovsk" got a Diploma on the XIII International Festival "Zodchestvo 2005" in Moscow, and also Diploma of the 1st Degree in the rank of "Constructions" in the Far Eastern Festival "DV Zodchestvo 2005" (created by Mr. Zhivetiev, Mr. Semenov, Mr. Prokudin, etc.) The Russian Orthodox Church conferred the Insignias and Diplomas on the creative group members. The Concert Hall restoration of Architectural Historical Memorial building of the "Military Assembly" in Khabarovsk gained the Big Medal of Khabarovsk city Trade Show in 2003, and the 1st Degree Diploma at the festival "DV Zodchestvo 2003" (the architect Mr. Zhivetiev, Mrs. Vialkina, etc.) The project of restaurant with a hotel in Karl Marks - Chernorecheskoe Highway crossroad, made by Mr. Fomin got the Golden Diploma of the Khabarovsk Trade Show in 2005.

Lots of work in the field of city environment design was done by the Architect-Design Studio "AKANT" of Mr. Alexander Mameshin. In 2001 the rank of The Russian Federation Government Prize Laureate he was conferred to him. Practically all realized projects of this creative group are awarded by Russian and international contests-exhibits diplomas.

At the report-election meeting of 2005 Serguei Valentinovich Shestiperstov has been elected the Chairman of The Khabarovsk Krai Branch of the Public Organization The Russian Designers Association. At the XIII All-Russia contest-exhibition "The Best Work in Design Area 'Design 2005'" in Moscow, in the theme of "City Discovery" the Khabarovsk Krai Branch of Russian Designers Association got the Russian National Prize of the "Silver Victory" for its exposition. The participants were Mr. ..Mameshin, Mrs. .V.Mameshina, Mr. .A.Mameshin, Mr. C.V. Shestiperstov, Mrs. G.I. Shestiperstova, Mr. Fomin, Mr. Shishkin.

The Jubilee year of 2006 The Khabarovsk Krai Branch of Russian Designers Association met with great optimism, actively participating in the common process of all design activity spheres evolution at the new stage of national programs establishing in our country that touch the economical and social life of the Far Eastern Region.

Serguei Valentinovich Shestiperstov

The Chairman of Khabarovsk Krai Branch of the Public Organization The Russian Designers Association and The Russian Designers Association Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal Region.

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